1. vanilla ice cream
2. C.'s best friends
3. what's in A.'s hair right now
4. your mother's worst enemy
5. life ruiner
6. banana juice
7. the reason they invented abortions
8. mini jellyfish
9. bitter
SPERM sperm sperm sperrrrm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chocolategrape March 04, 2008
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S.P.E.R.M. is a system of classifying causes and effects in historical study. The classifications are Social, Political, Economic, Religious, Military and sometimes Scientific. Virtually every event or idea can be classified in one of these six ways. Sometimes a single event, especially more complex events, can be classified in more than one way.
Use S.P.E.R.M. to classify the various causes of the rise of Islam. Be sure you consider all of the facets.
by jmm June 27, 2003
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A sperm is what comes out of the penis during intercourse(or ejaculation for that matter).
"During intercourse, the male's penis begins to produce and output sperm."
by Douchebag February 07, 2003
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To be or not to be that is the question. Famous quote from William Shakespeare, which sperms use derisively.
The sperm either make it to the ovary, or don't. Sucks for the ones who dont.
by Glutinator May 16, 2007
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An orgasm or white gooey liquid that comes out the males penis when given head or dicksucked. This can also be known as cum.
"When I walked into Zoey's room I saw SPERM on the floor" Chelsea said. "I know, I fucked her last night so thats my cum". Darren said. "Well can you do me horny boy"? Zoey hornly asked with her finger grinned by her teeth"I surely can" Darren said as the pull of their clothes.
by Nastywords September 20, 2016
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after sex the man has sperm that goes into a womens vagina and swims to the egg.wemon often swallow semen after they have suck his penis. wemon love sperm and having sex even when their raped.they maon and gasp all the time and they cum all over your dick.
jen was having sex with dave.dave ejaculated and jen licked up all his semen
by [TS]Master August 17, 2005
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