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Tough hate is when you suggest a corrective action for a person, but you are doing it out of hate, as opposed to tough love.
"I feel like someone needs to punch her in the neck to keep her from saying anything more."
"That seems harsh."
"I'm just saying this out of a sense of tough hate."
by Deepthoughts April 21, 2013
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Moving through a crowd to get to the front, commonly done at concerts. Not to be confused with Salmoning, which is walking against a group of moving people.
Lindsay: How did you make it to the front of the crowd?

Paris: I am a master at sperming.
by Deepthoughts December 27, 2011
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A condition that is similar to Tourette's, but arises from begin in the military and causes one to curse at the most inopportune times.
Wow, Joe has a bad case of Mili-tourette's....he must have dropped ten f-bombs when he was toasting the groom!!!
by Deepthoughts June 17, 2010
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When a girl wears tight jeans and a short shirt so her flab spills out over her jeans. This is a subset of a Muffin Top, but if there is a lot of texture on the spillout (e.g. cottage cheese or stretch marks) then it is a Meatloaf Top (i.e. it looks like the top of a meatloaf as it spills out over the pan).
Wow, do you see her Muffin Top?

Yikes, it looks like her midsection was in a war zone, that isn't a Muffin Top, that is a Meatloaf Top!
by Deepthoughts July 1, 2013
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Lazy pee is similar to a lazy eye, but it is a condition that transiently affects males when they urinate, and their pee hole is pointed in a different direction from the shaft. Usually results in peeing on one's shoes/feet. Commonly happens the morning after sex.
Peter walks out of the bathroom shaking liquid off his feet.
Jane says "what happened???"
Peter says "Dang, took a lazy pee...."
by Deepthoughts September 23, 2010
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The Period Baby is similar to a Food Baby, and occurs once a month when a woman has her period and bloats to a level where it appears she is pregnant. Note: this phenomenom is usually only observable in slender women (like a snake that just ate a rat). The more heavy set women can absorb the period baby without an observable bump (like an elephant that eats a peanut).
Lindsey: "I can't go out tonight in that half-shirt."

Paris: "Why?

Lindsey: "Look at my Period Baby!!!!"
by Deepthoughts August 23, 2011
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Going to Google's site when you are unsure if your internet is working. If Google comes up, then you know you have a connection.
Lindsay: Its weird, I can't get to TMZ.com or Thesuperficial.com, but I have internet.

Paris: How do you know you have internet?

Lindsay: I did a Google check.
by Deepthoughts January 30, 2012
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