In December 1946 the New York Times credited James J. Kilroy, a welding inspector at the Bethlehem Steel shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts, with starting the craze. Usually, inspectors used a small chalk mark, but welders were erasing those to get double-paid for their work. To prevent this, Mr Kilroy marked his welding work with the long crayoned phrase ("Kilroy was here") on the items he inspected. The graffito became a common sight around the shipyard and was imitated by workers when they were drafted and sent around the world. As the war progressed, people began opening void spaces on ships for repair, and the mysterious Mr Kilroy's name would be found there, in sealed compartments "where no one had been before."
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When your cock head peeks up over the top of your jeans or underwear elastic band
Hey, check out that dude's kilroy.

That poor fucker. His cock is too small to do a kilroy.

Hey ladies, want to meet kilroy?
by bookemdanno July 24, 2010
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A human like sub species, who prefers dark enclosed spaces. Usually has two feeble arms which it is unable to support fully, and often collapses in a fit of panic at the call of a siren. In popular slang, a kilroy is someone who shows no sense of self respect or makes no effort with their physical appearance.
Ted: What's that stain on your jeans man?
Damien: oops bbq sauce, I had it for dinner on Wednesday
TEd: Dame, you are the ultimate kilroy
by nuuiopol February 7, 2011
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1 : Rocky Martin... DUHRHHHH...
2 : And me
"Kilroy was here"
by Plumberry March 31, 2005
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A chat programme about the strangest of subjects that is on at 9am on BBC1 most of the time. Very silly.
And now the people without a piece of skin on their left kidney unite and tell us of their grief...
by shiieru September 6, 2003
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