lighthearted unconcern
Amanda sauntered casually into the meeting room with an air of insouciance; if she was worried at all about her presentation, she certainly didn't show it
by Your Grim Reaper June 25, 2003
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when you're just too damn cool to care about anything
cashier: would you like your check in the bag?
me: fuck yourself with it, i'm insouciant
by Margaretard July 24, 2008
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After you come in a woman, add a scoop of ice cream and a shot of kahlua with a funnel. She jumps around then squats over a glass, drinks it and then throws it up into your mouth.
Honey, I'm thirsty -- hop on my disco stick and mix me up an Insouciant Wensey.
by Yambone III February 5, 2010
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When a person is incredibly nonchalant about everything in life and just doesn't care about most things or anything they probably are supposed to. Though the word can be used positively or negatively, it basically relates to "not caring much."
It can really annoying coming from an adult you expect to be responsible.
Person 1: Hey, did you complete your part of the presentation on time? The meeting is in two days.
Person 2: Nah... It's whatever... doesn't really matter
Person 1: ...Shouldn't you at least try before it's too late? We're gonna need it
Person 2: Honestly, IDC at this point. I can't stand this job anyway...

Person 3: Wow. He's got such a bad insouciant attitude
by Noppidynope November 30, 2022
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