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super hot
that bitch in my 3:00 class is smokin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by anderson February 25, 2003

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A man who has now achieved a near mythical status; some find his accomplishments so incredible that they doubt he even exists. Christened David Wood, he broke every single sports record in every sport he played, but then had his name removed from the record books out of fairness. Changed his name to G Wood so that people wouldn't know his true identity. Has had numerous fierce battles with one Big Bubba Bruiser.
G Wood recorded his 77th straight quadruple-double, tallying 127 points, 33 rebounds, 17 blocks, and 10 steals.
by Anderson March 23, 2005

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A man who busts entirely too many nuts or busts one gigantic nut at a given time.
"OMG! you busted one hell of a nut on my face"

"Ofcourse I did bitch, Ima NUUT BUUSTER!!!!!!!!"
by Anderson May 07, 2005

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The Ultimate SCATMAN!!

see: Scatman
oh look, there's Martin Cadman
by Anderson January 09, 2004

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best word in the world

word of joy, glee and excitement
"You just touched Cindy Boner's hoo-hoos! SHIBBY!!
by ANderson March 09, 2004

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Short for delight, Slang, often used by teens. Used mostly for food.
Oh my god look at that delite sandwich
by Anderson November 18, 2003

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sperm. the stuff that comes out of ur dick when u masterbate.
shit! i got sperm all over my bed!
by anderson September 01, 2004

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