an anoying person a geek someone who really gets on your wick
will you just f**k off you SPERM
by marie August 04, 2003
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1. The product of intense pleasure.
2. The beginning of endless misery.
by Cyanide man January 17, 2018
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What comes out your penis when your uncle Rubs is it
Hello friends my uncle came to my house yesterday and sperm got on my bra and bed
by Gmreagcaen February 20, 2020
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a white liquid that comes out of your pp when your uncle rubs it
she ate all of my sperm
by gaykid2618 August 08, 2020
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The dumbest of the dumb. Most underdeveloped live being to ever exist on the planet Earth. An absolute squid and a worse insult than calling someone "a fucking idiot" and "an absolute dumbass".
You're dumber than a one year old child Ramya, you're a fucking sperm.

Bill Cosby has to be the biggest sperm I have ever seen.
by xxx_SquidLover69_xxx June 30, 2019
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