Guy 1: "did you hear about the Demarcus Cousins that the pelicans just got"
Guy 2: "what a great deal! The potential for this beating is ray rice level"
by n8bergeron March 15, 2017
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When you have a threesome with two chicks that are related, preferably cousins, hence the name. Any bros that happen to be around after a Demarcus Cousins is completed, are obligated to bow down.
Dude, I Demarcus Cousins 'ed the shit out of those chicks at the wedding reception last night.

Who knew those sisters would make for the greatest Deamrcus Cousins of my life!
by Eli.G July 7, 2012
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Demarcus Cousins- Being 5th cousins with another human being so therefore that means your DEMARCUS COUSINS.
Since we are 5th cousins that means ware demarcus cousins
by JUDATRON March 6, 2022
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The most loyal NBA player of all time, who never took the easy way out, and always respected his teammates.
by Yeeet77 July 7, 2018
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DeMarcus cousins is a tall, handsome, funny and caring person. He always takes care of his friends and is always there whenever anyone needs him.
by Maryam Almenaiya March 24, 2022
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