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Someone who will win 1st in every 100meter race(e.g. Usain Bolt).

A very fast person.
Maddi:Did u know Jonathan went undefeated in the 100!?
Jazmin:No wow what a speedster!

Anthony:Usain Bolt just beat the world record!
Rashad:Yup he's a speedster.
by SixPackjonny August 05, 2010
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A type of DC super hero that uses the speed force to move much faster than human limits.
Me: I am a speedster
Unnamed person: Really, Your name is Ezra Miller
Me: No, it’s Grant Gustin
by Derpy Hero April 18, 2019
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People whom need to build up their confidence with the help of speeding machines, due to their small penises.
Asian speedsters are often seen small stature.
by Peevee August 10, 2006
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