Someone who will win 1st in every 100meter race(e.g. Usain Bolt).

A very fast person.
Maddi:Did u know Jonathan went undefeated in the 100!?
Jazmin:No wow what a speedster!

Anthony:Usain Bolt just beat the world record!
Rashad:Yup he's a speedster.
by SixPackjonny August 05, 2010
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A type of DC super hero that uses the speed force to move much faster than human limits.
Me: I am a speedster
Unnamed person: Really, Your name is Ezra Miller
Me: No, it’s Grant Gustin
by Derpy Hero April 18, 2019
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People whom need to build up their confidence with the help of speeding machines, due to their small penises.
Asian speedsters are often seen small stature.
by Peevee August 10, 2006
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1. A fast redhead.

2. A tempting seductress with red hair.

3. Neat and tidy trimming of a (true) Redhead's pubes, giving the appearance of a small drag strip leading to her nether regions.

My dreams came true last evening when Lindsay took me home and proved, indeed, she was a scarlet speedster.
by ButtFuzz August 16, 2006
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A person usually refering to the meta-humans with impossible speed (like barry allen or jay garrick.etc) in the dc comics.
by Ligma spreader 2000 April 15, 2019
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A social speedster is someone who essentially 'speedruns' through their social media networks, which includes scrolling through their feed like a madman, liking posts with minimum forethought, reading all their PMs under a second, and clicking on one insta story after another without any pause in the middle.

Social speedsters are also highly known for sending a snap in a lightning quick succession. The time it takes to take their phone out of their pocket, enter snapchat, and snapping a pic is only a mere 3 seconds.

Nowadays, most youngsters and young adults are social speedsters. This inclination can have its drawbacks, as a social speedster may zoom through their PMs but not respond to them immediately, and eventually as more PMs build up they might forget about the ones they've already read.
Me: My friends are all social speedsters. You should see how blazing fast they plow their feeds and PMs. Every time I send a message and it gets read and they never reply back, I sometimes question my relationship with them, but then I remember "oh duh, they are social speedsters". Can't blame them entirely, as they are just trying to adapt to today's information-packed, attention-based media.
by UltimateDoge November 16, 2020
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Definition: someone who plows through their social media feed like some crazed madman.

This "species" can often be seen scrolling endlessly in their Instagram feed, spending no more than one second per post or story. For social speedsters, the act of sending a snap is no more than a 5 second ritualized process. Upon impulse, they whip their phone out of their pockets, instantly jump into snapchat, and without preparation, posts a selfie. And remember this is all within 5 seconds.

But the most characterizing feature that distinguishes social speedsters from regular folks is their expressionless faces when browsing emotion-inducing posts. You'd expect laughter from funny memes or a "wtffff" from controversial/disgusting posts, but nope. Just a deadpan reaction.

Some scholars suggest that social speedsters are more often than not desensitized by all the content (noise) they consume, hence leading them to form an indifferent attitude. Ultimately, the dopamine-rewarding nature of social media is what drives the insanely rapid browsing.

The current largest demographic of social speedsters are: Gen Z, Millennials.
To see an example, attend any college (post-COVID obv). You will be able to witness social speedsters and their smartphone-wielding dexterity in the flesh. Heck, you may even be one!
by Obv troll is obvious December 26, 2020
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