2 definitions by SixPackjonny

A guy normally known for his speed and good looks; also known to be a charmer. Jonathan(s) are good friends and the best boyfriends. They are usually of a sensitive nature but are not afraid to use their strength when they need to.
There isn't a time where Jonathan hasn't made my stomach flutter.
by SixPackjonny August 05, 2010
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Someone who will win 1st in every 100meter race(e.g. Usain Bolt).

A very fast person.
Maddi:Did u know Jonathan went undefeated in the 100!?
Jazmin:No wow what a speedster!

Anthony:Usain Bolt just beat the world record!
Rashad:Yup he's a speedster.
by SixPackjonny August 05, 2010
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