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Towards whom liberals show their sympathy, in the hope of proving how intellectual and reasonable they are.
Liberal1: Terrorists are misguided children.
Liberal2: Yep.
by Peevee August 10, 2006
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Also called Tientsin, a fucked up city, dwelled by people that actually smarter than those in Beijing.
Tianjin's energy were sucked up by Beijing during 50 year's communism reign.
by Peevee August 11, 2006
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the most beautiful girl ever, usually tall and very fair. has an amazing smile, lovely hair and the most complete features a girl could possess.
always threatens to cry if anything happens like a baby. skin as smooth as a cat and smells very good. a good kisser.

most of the time the most wanted girl in school because of her beauty and personality. has many friends.

boy 1 : damn look at that girl, she must be stella
boy 2 : seeing from her features and her height, she definitely is a stella


"hey did you see how beautiful stella looked today in school?"
"she's stella dude, she never doesn't look beautiful"


Jealous girl 1:"ah damn i wish i had stella's hair"
Jealous girl 2:"i wish i had her everything, she's the most beautiful girl around"
by Peevee May 22, 2013
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People whom need to build up their confidence with the help of speeding machines, due to their small penises.
Asian speedsters are often seen small stature.
by Peevee August 11, 2006
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A female actress whom possesses the All-American beauty in a better & elegant manner.
The 'Road Trip' Amy Smart and the 'Eurotrip' Scott Mechlowicz confronts each other in 2006's 'Peaceful Warrior'.
by Peevee May 23, 2006
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Short for 'dashboard camera', a tool being used by the US law enforcement to collect traffic stop evidence and news footage.
I saw a dashcam clip about a police chase on yesterday's CBS.
by Peevee July 25, 2006
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Pol Pot is the very example of political leader under Chinese Communist Party influence.
by Peevee July 7, 2006
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