A person who is probably going to get cut from his team.
Wow man, that sparx is so oblivious and bad.
by Kole Carter September 4, 2007
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Sparx is a person everyone likes, he may have a weird kink though, but he is super selfless, think of him like a therapist.
He is such a Sparx oh my god!
by TheOddestOnion October 12, 2022
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a kick ass drink (in a can that resembles a battery). It's like an energy drink with alchohol! HAHAHAHA!!!
My dumbass friends drive around in thier rice rockets drinking sparks, because nobody knows what it is.
by lealea November 9, 2003
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Whenever i open sparx maths my internal organs rearrange themselves- a rat carcass falls out of my PC onto the ground with an ear-aching thud- Satan himself crawls to the deepest corner of hell, just to hide. This isn't even evil at this point, it is malicious, systemic child abuse. Whatever created sparx maths is the 2nd coming of Hitler, yes he is back from the dead. it always has 10 tasks, not so bad? well each "task" is filled with like 20 items, and did i mention, it MAKES you write all the questions down- and then it quizzes you randomly on the questions- and NO-ONE gets the pain, I literally told my mother about my pain and she literally told me "I don't give a shit." what. the. fuck. Sparx maths will bully you to a point of depression which from you cannot come back. Fuck Sparx, fuck life, fuck everyone, fuck you. THERE IS NO HOPE- GOD HAS LEFT US
"wow i sure do fucking hate sparx maths"

by eolgoj\iofsjg November 1, 2022
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Literally a dystopia. Teachers only sign up for it if they just want students to suffer, stress, even to the point of depression. I am not joking. You have to write down every fucking question and get checked randomly. You have to get every fucking answer right to even have an acceptable homework done. whoever created this was either satan, Hitler, or the embodiment of the 🤓 emoji. Or all three. If your teacher signed you up, your teacher is an awful person. Oh and you’re not allowed help from anyone because that would damage your learning apparently but in reality all it does is get you stuck permanently. I unironically think that the person who made this should either rot in the darkest pit of hell, or should be sentenced to death for child abuse and forcing children through stress.
Person 1: I hate sparx maths
Person 2: a person with common sense, I see
by thefitnessgramafwe23rware June 30, 2022
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Tom: Mr Cooper tell us to do Sparx maths
Duc Huy: it's cancer...mate
by DucHuy-peasant February 21, 2022
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The worst form of torture known to mankind.
Dave: Give me the launch codes or i'll make you do sparx maths
Bartholomew: 57436878
by lord_farquaads_left_nostril October 15, 2022
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