A person who is probably going to get cut from his team.
Wow man, that sparx is so oblivious and bad.
by Kole Carter September 4, 2007
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a kick ass drink (in a can that resembles a battery). It's like an energy drink with alchohol! HAHAHAHA!!!
My dumbass friends drive around in thier rice rockets drinking sparks, because nobody knows what it is.
by lealea November 9, 2003
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Tom: Mr Cooper tell us to do Sparx maths
Duc Huy: it's cancer...mate
by DucHuy-peasant February 21, 2022
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Literally a dystopia. Teachers only sign up for it if they just want students to suffer, stress, even to the point of depression. I am not joking. You have to write down every fucking question and get checked randomly. You have to get every fucking answer right to even have an acceptable homework done. whoever created this was either satan, Hitler, or the embodiment of the 🤓 emoji. Or all three. If your teacher signed you up, your teacher is an awful person. Oh and you’re not allowed help from anyone because that would damage your learning apparently but in reality all it does is get you stuck permanently. I unironically think that the person who made this should either rot in the darkest pit of hell, or should be sentenced to death for child abuse and forcing children through stress.
Person 1: I hate sparx maths
Person 2: a person with common sense, I see
by thefitnessgramafwe23rware June 30, 2022
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living hell probally the worst homework to exist
"did you do sparx maths in the weekend " " nah noit due in till " proceeds to get thrown into a wall
by mr manequin November 10, 2021
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Maths ever so slightly more painful than hegarty designed to ruin your day
Go to town yeah we chilling innit

Nah bro gotta do my sparx maths
by Dan peely November 9, 2021
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Think of maths and times that by 10, no pun intended, this is by far the worst torture any child could face. The person who created this was rather the devil himself or just a huge maths geek. They took the child out of childhood. They even put an “x” at the end to try and be funny, haha! This website though, is the biggest waste of my life, you have to write everything down even if you know the answer. Most of the math nerds in my class think it’s great but the small minority of people with common sense (like myself) realise what garbage this website is. if your school just signed up for sparx maths, rest in peace, my friend
“Wanna go to the park”

Sos bro gotta do my Sparx maths”

“Haha, good luck

“It was nice knowing you
by I complain a lot March 29, 2022
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