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When that ass so nonexistent it goes straight from spine to ankle.
Yo, did you see that flat bitch Nicole, she got a spankle. I Don't know why he's even talking to her
by Charlotte Wong September 12, 2018
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to both spank and hug, and tackle someone at the same time, or in rapid succession. Usually used as shorthand in online chats.
/me spankles newguy123
by ranger bill May 19, 2008
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To spank someones butt as their hands are holding their ankles
Wow, she walking weird. Her boyfreind must have spankled her last night.
by beezer January 05, 2015
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An severely obese person has "spankles" when a roll of fat at their ankles separates their legs from their feet. Very tight foot wear can cause a "spankling" effect on a moderately large person, where the flesh folds over the tops and backs of the shoes. Spankles are an undesirable condition which can be prevented with regular diet, exercise, and appropriate footwear. The same condition at the wrists may be called "sprists" or "spuh-wrists".
1. Person A: Wow! Gina's gained a ton of weight.
Person B: Check out those spankles!
Person A: Looks like she's wearing flesh pants!

2. Young Bride: OMG! I can't wear these for my wedding! They're so tight they're giving me spankles!
Friend: Yeah, they look hella nasty.
by SinMickey June 29, 2008
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The really weak, spasticated ankles many young ladies inherit whilst in high heels after a couple of drinks. Most often seen at weddings or balls and oft resulting in grazed knees and/or tearful girls.
Kate really found her spankles at the wedding on Saturday, after a few drinks they buckled and she went down like a sack o potatoes.
by Mike Page July 17, 2007
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