when you fart and poo comes out a bit only to be re-inserted by the sphincter
stop spackling rachael its really annoying
by JONO June 16, 2004
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when you hit someone when they are being annoying or rude.
i want to spackle them right now they are being so annoying
by grac May 11, 2021
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when you thought you had to fart but poop came out....
by bytor4u2 August 18, 2009
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I had a turtle head poppin out of my butt so i started spackling it back inside my rectum.
by vanksie November 1, 2010
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Based on color and consistency of dried ejaculate ( cum ) this is the act of gifting that ejaculate to a lucky lady, or man, or whatever you choose. The gift is given by ejaculating on the person. Different from “blam” where the gift is left inside the receiver.
She said to pull out so I pulled out and spackled her titties.
by Blamupinit April 18, 2019
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When one is so lonely that he jerks off and leaves it to dry on his wall, forming intricate crustacions. Suitable for all latex paint.
Niko was spackling his wall with jizz
by Scott E. Irish January 2, 2006
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To shoot cum on someone's face.
To insult someone. To treat like shit. To fuck someone over.
He pulled his dick out of her pussy and proceeded to spackle her as she screamed for more cock.
by Ray July 23, 2003
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