It is a state of being, blowing coke and laying in your pajamas all day skipping class, then wearing those same pajamas to a party that night, while doing all of this you never lie, joke, or kid about things happening in your life
You are being a waste of life cokehead, stop being a "Spackle "
by Northeasternhomie November 7, 2008
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The scattered sperm after a male ejaculates into a rotary oscilating unit.
After fucking the bitch, he used her fan to spackle the room.
by Phil McKrackin March 5, 2005
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When you put your finger in a girl's ass crack when she is bending down exposing her crack with her low-rise jeans. Wet spackle is same as dry only the finger is wet.
You sick bastard, get your spackle pinky away from my ass crack!
by The Chad May 7, 2005
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when one's pussy or anus is filled with come, and you queef or fart, spraying it out all over your partner's body
The look of Jason's face was priceless after his girlfriend farted, who's ass he just came in, spackling his entire chest.
by deadlittlebunny December 27, 2010
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It means you're going to get spackled.
"Sticks are stupid."
"I'm going to spackle you for saying that, Luke!"
by Regalian March 5, 2018
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1) to slap ones wiener across a whores face in a swiping motion like spreading butter on ones toast
2) to spread a pasty like substance over dry wall tape.
1) "dude i saw you leave with that chick last night yeah i totally spackled her twice"

2) "did you spackle before you painted that wall"
by itotallylovetospacklepeople February 16, 2008
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when you have a shit and dont wipe. then you get straight in the shower and use the shower head to clean your ass.
guy 1: dude, im gonna have to spackle cause we aint got no toilet paper!

guy 2: spackle that shit!!!
by blink138 December 28, 2010
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