To preform sexual intercourse or oral sex without a condom, but rather, a sock.
Jamaal: Dude, you know that chick I picked up last night at the club?

Bubba: Yeah I saw her.

Jamaal: Well I was soxing the hell out of her all night.

Bubba: Really?! I soxed her too a couple days back, I just never told you.
by Idaho Hoe February 09, 2009
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Used by true New Englanders who are totally and completely devoted to their team,The Red Sox. The Red Sox are and always will be the classic Sox.
The Sox are gonna beat the Yankees tonight.

Hopefully the Sox will put a wicked good pither in like Schilling.

You know Crisp on The Sox he's a wicked fast runna.
by really? September 23, 2007
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Having sex with your socks on.
"I had sox with Jeff last night."

"Ew, isn't that awkward? Socks always make a guy's naked legs look so stumpy."

"Yeah, but it was so cold and we were super-horny so we couldn't be bothered taking them off."

"Oh, well I guess that's understandable."
by anotherjenny November 16, 2011
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(noun) - the world's greatest baseball team, when colored red.
The Red Sox won a world series, and they didn't even have a higher payroll than the Yankees. Go figure.
by yaz zoo July 27, 2005
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damnit, it's not sox, its socks. saying sox isn't cool, it's stupid. get over it and stop acting like you're 7 years old!
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The World's Greatest Baseball team...White Sox.
The 2005 White Sox were the Greatest team to ever grace the surface of land!
by JERMAINEDYE4MVP November 17, 2006
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