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verb - The act of overdosing on butter; to overdose on butter.
Yo, bro, why were you in the hospital?" "Bro, I totally just Schilling'd at that party last night." "Whoa, didn't know it was humanly possible to consume that much butter. Total Schilling.
by MrRom92 April 24, 2011
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verb - To make an inappropriate statement that is rooted in sexism, racism, or homophobia. Relates to the conservative ex-baseball pitcher who was fired from ESPN for multiple forms of offensive postings via social media. (Schilling defends Donald Trump for similar simple-minded behavior.)
Dude, my little girl's in the room!...Don't be Schilling that shit about my daughter being 'gorgeous' and 'beautiful,' you old perv.

Bee, I apologize for showing that nasty photo to your transgender friend. I had way too many vodkas, and I just started Schilling.

TEACHER: Billy, stop calling Ahmad a sand Nazi. Can't you see how offensive that is!? BILLY: Aw, c-mon, Mrs. Adams, I was just Schilling!
by blood orange October 18, 2016
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