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The official plural of soup circa 2016. Due to countless debates and soupy wars between the world's elite soup connoisseurs over the correct term to be used when consuming more than the singular soup. The correct term was ultimately decided by UK-based Jewish R&B artist Craig David (aka Crag Daveed) who declared the word as the title of his new song "7 Soupsa" a rewrite of his classic hit from 2000 "7 days".
I like many soupsa. Mulligatawny, Mushroom, Minestrone, you name it.

I hate all soupsa they don't agree with my digestive system and give me dangerous bowel movements.

I had two soupsa on a Monday... Then had three more soupsa on a Tuesday... We made more soupsa on Wednesday, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday... It got spilled on Sunday.
by MCSpanner May 01, 2016
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