A family name, most commonly related to John Phillip Sousa, the musician and conductor that wrote the Star Bangled Banner.
Adrian Sousa takes after his ancestor when it comes to his musical, and artistic creativity.
by Ade18 February 23, 2009
A adj,noun,verb.
1.) A person who doesnt agree with anyone. This person is always right and tends to get into heated arguments often at social gatherings, thus looking extermely vulnerable to the rest of the people.
2.) A way of doing something with little or poor effort.
1.) "Dude i was at some party talking about football and this sousa started talking to me like he knew everything. ' so i beat his ass in front of everyone....what a sousa
2.) I really sousad that tee shot off 18. Screwed up my whole round, and i ended up with an engle.
by michael warman April 25, 2009
Some chill asian that smokes a whole lot of weed
Sousa skipped japanese art class to go smoke weed with the bros
by BI09 January 4, 2010
The certified non simp, little SUS but gets the puss, and telling the young kids to chase dreams not girls
Don’t be a simp be Evan Sousa
by Smallppalex March 18, 2021
a very sexy and attractive man. everyone wants him.
'damn, that guy was such a michael sousa'
by 36ttdh June 30, 2009
A "Sousa Girl" is a chick that thinks she is hot but is not , has copious amounts of makeup on her chubby face, wears abercrombie and hollister clothing that is way to small for her, smells of pall mall cigs and bad perfume, at the same time being an extremely easy lay.
Dude what's with the sousa girl?

I was bored and horny.
by Partypete September 12, 2010
Bella Sousa is crazy AF, but everyone loves her cause she is amazing and funny. She's one of the best people , she enjoys food, and sports. She is super outgoing, crazy and funny. You will love Bella Sousa to death and she's an amazing lifelong friend. She is gorgeous on the inside and outside . And she likes broken dogs and teapots
That girl is hot af.... She must be a Bella Sousa
by Asdfghueuhwnamsij April 9, 2018