The green stuff you never wanted to eat.
Eat your brocoli Timmy, it will make you big and strong like hulk hogan.
by Hulktasticly Hogan October 12, 2015
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When you step in a pile of dog shit. Or when you are raped by a horse.
Tom:Ha you just were large brocolied!
Richie:God damnit!
by Jigga Man Pimp December 20, 2004
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a ✨special✨ green thing that grows on trees.
omggg u got some thailandian brocoli just for me thankuuuu

thailandian brocoli is so cool
by ur local duck May 1, 2021
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a girl who has an infection also known as crabs in her vagina or hairy toto!
damn! that girl had some severe bagel with cheese and brocoli and cheese i was like you need to get to stepping with that nasty hairy toto
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A tiny little penis cover with a lot of hair. The dick might be lost in that little jungle.
I don't want to see your brocoli looking dick. I might need a magnifying glass.
by Lovemariapop April 2, 2015
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eat your brocoli

used instead of the phrase "don't ask too many stupid/irrelevant questions and just do as you are told".
a boy, eating brocoli for breakfast, ask his dad:

boy: dad, why do i have to go to class?

dad: because it's fun, James. And, please, because I am in a bad mood since yesterday, having gotten a parking ticket, please eat your brocoli. just pick your things so I can take you to your class.
by Sexydimma February 28, 2012
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