1.To express one's views vigorously
2.To count cadence when marching in military formation.
I was always sounding off about higher taxes.

Sound off >>1,2,3,4...
by KINGASH October 17, 2010
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The phrase used to describe the end of a conversation or to signify that you are going to stop sending or receiving communications. Especially useful when messaging your loved ones and friends that waste a text of yours by texting back "Okay".
James: Matt, that movie was not any good. Watching your grandpa do a jig at your wedding was more entertaining.

Matt: Very funny, all jokes aside I thought the movie was extremely entertaining. I'll be over tomorrow around noon to pick up that c.d. Sound off.
by M@++ February 3, 2010
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Operation Sound Off, or OSO, started as a brilliant idea that many believed would never materialize. Well, those people had never encountered the KRB. After months of deliberation, planning and reconaissance, the KRB successfully completed OSO and recieved much fame in the underground of Thomas Stone Highschool in Waldorf Maryland. OSO consisted of the following:
(many of the following details have been changed to protect those involved)
1.) a certain auditory device in a certain room of a certain school was disabled to eliminate classroom diruptions. This device resembled and according to sources, actually was an intercom speaker some 20 feet above the ground in plain sight in the middle of a very heavily populated classroom.
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 16, 2005
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When two dudes point their urethral sounds at one another, waiting for the other to make the first move. There are three possible outcomes: either both sound each other at the same time, one beats the other to sound first, or both just stand there until they lose interest.
"Did you end up doing that weird thing with that Grindr hookup?"
"Nah, we ended up in a Mexican sound-off and it got too awkward."
by midwestern_blot November 20, 2019
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That Sound Off predator clears traffic like Moses parted the red sea!
by Jag III November 14, 2004
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Sound off below is most commonly linked with Jeffree Star's videos. It is the action of leaving comments on his video giving your option relating to what he is saying.
"This eyeshadow palette is lit what do you think, sound off below"
by maisxx January 27, 2019
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In the California prison system when you break one of the rules within' your own car, you get broken off. The first couple of minor offenses result in you being broke off with an additional set of burpees on top of your daily mandatory set. Traditionally upon completion of your daily mandatory set of burpees you will sound off. Meaning you shout a cadence representing your particular group. That being said, when you break a rule that requires you to be broken off, nobody tells you what they think you did, there is no arguing your case. To save time, and breathe whoever is running things for your car just looks at you and says, "sound off when your done."
Inmate X - "I think I got lucky, nobody noticed my bunk wasn't rolled up until after 11:00."

Inmate with the llaves- "sound off when you're done."

Inmate X- "dang."
by LocN9ne January 29, 2023
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