The urethra is a tube which connects the urinary bladder to the outside of the body.
You will now be put to death by urethral injection.
by Xtox!c.CaNdy.X November 14, 2007
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any inflammation of the urethra, usually do to some sort of infection, often by an STD.
it hurts when i pee due to my urethritis.
by wallis and futuna islands October 21, 2003
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Insertion of the fist into the urethra of a male.
Jack usually likes to take it shoulder deep in the ass, but today he was feeling particularly raunchy and tried urethral fisting on himself.
by Spic Dickuloid January 22, 2017
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The ability for a male to control the stream of urine from the penis. It also includes the ability to control when and how much urine comes out. Having a high degree of urethral discipline ensures that one is able to accurately urinate in the bowl/urinal without making a mess.
I don't have the urethral discipline I had when I was a youth.
by Globetard November 2, 2021
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The act of inserting a variety of objects into the urethra for pleasure. Including but limited to dildos, screwdrivers, screws, toothbrushes and specially designed sounding tools.
I don’t smoke anymore but many times I go urethral sounding with a lit cigar. I’ll sit there and tan while my cock smokes.
by Papa Konstopuolos July 8, 2019
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stimulating the urethra by inserting objects of various sizes. Examples: pencils, ball pens, swizzle stick, rubber worms, metal sounds. May also involve electro stimulation.
I got myself off by inserting a urethral tube in my dick and jacking until I came.Urethral play is my favorite way to get off.
by Roji Taka December 16, 2005
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The act of sexual intercourse in the urethra of a member of the female. Pleasure is greatly increased when the penis enters the bladder. Be warned that urethral sex, or U-SeX as it is called on the seat, may result in unwanted urethral pregnancy and permenant physical damage.
My girlfreind really loves me, so she allowed me to have some urethral sex with her. I made the mistake of not using a condom, and we ended up with an unwanted urethral baby. It's life is nothing but pain, as it's veins flow with urine. Poor child. Urethral sex: be careful.
by MUNNY DEP April 23, 2005
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