(Other Significant Other)

1. A partner's other partner; metamour.

2. A person's partner, sometimes but not always a non-primary or non-spouse partner
This is Bob, my SO, and this is John, my OSO

This is Bob, my husband, and this is Jill, his OSO
by Joreth April 08, 2010
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"Other significant other". A non-primary partner in a polyamorous relationship; a fuck buddy or friend with benefits.
"meeting new OSOs always makes me nervous."
"My SO found a new friend online; she's already talking about making him an OSO, which kind of squicks me."
by guyjin March 20, 2007
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A big, fat, lazy person, with no concept of work ethics. May be overheard uttering "you know what?" This person claims, "I only eat one meal a day?" Tells co-workers to focus more on their jobs and then excuses himself for a 3 hour lunch.
Father to son: "Son, you keep slacking like that, you'll end up an Oso."
by Ted Kamprad April 20, 2006
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An acronym for the term "On some other shit"

It is used to describe someone being off topic or saying something extremely irrelevant to the situation. (Or blabbing on about a bunch of nothing)
Bitch, you is OSOS.
My girlfriend is always OSOS!
I'm not even talking about that, you OSOS.
by lisa4queen August 20, 2014
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a word you say before you diss or give props to something or someone
junior: my gsx is gonna pwn so many noobs!!
goofy: dude, you're not even gonna get your oso gay gsx, so stop fiending out!!

by EliasC August 18, 2006
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oso meaning most feared name rings bells not ot be played with
by chreme1789 November 13, 2020
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Oso meaning oh so, or very in some ways you would use it instead of saying so annoying or so stressy
Osostressy, osoannoying
by Badbitchalert June 17, 2017
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