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(Other Significant Other)

1. A partner's other partner; metamour.

2. A person's partner, sometimes but not always a non-primary or non-spouse partner
This is Bob, my SO, and this is John, my OSO

This is Bob, my husband, and this is Jill, his OSO
by Joreth April 08, 2010
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a word you say before you diss or give props to something or someone
junior: my gsx is gonna pwn so many noobs!!
goofy: dude, you're not even gonna get your oso gay gsx, so stop fiending out!!

by EliasC August 18, 2006
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Backwards for so so. Originally from The Simpsons.
Homer: So, how was it?
Bart: os os.
Homer: What?
Bart: That's backwards for so so.
by gak September 14, 2006
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An acronym for the term "On some other shit"

It is used to describe someone being off topic or saying something extremely irrelevant to the situation. (Or blabbing on about a bunch of nothing)
Bitch, you is OSOS.
My girlfriend is always OSOS!
I'm not even talking about that, you OSOS.
by lisa4queen August 20, 2014
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Name mexican fourteen year old girl accidentally gives her 16 year old mexican crush as she accidentally calls him "hermoso"
"Eres un hermoso" "What?" "Eres un oso"
by loquis1998 November 03, 2013
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Oso is a realy sweet and kind person who doesn't know how to deal with their emotions. There super hot and funny. They are rambuctous and hyper. Their hard working,caring, are pretty emotinal and have a lot going on in there life. They need friend to be there no matter what so they don't feel alone.
Person 1 "Hey why is Oso keeping to himself."
Person 2 "I don't know he hides his emotions."
via giphy
by Cuthotgirl October 15, 2018
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The delicate art of receiving a blow job while eating a sandwich ("sammich") that was lovingly prepared by the woman performing the blow job.
I thought getting a blumpkin was good, but getting an Oso is even better! Nom, nom, nom!
by SacTownFamous January 01, 2012
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