a damn sexy beast that every girl wants to do
by unknown33657 October 15, 2006
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A character from Kingdom Hearts, a widely renouned video game series brought to you by Square.

Physical description: He is fifteen in the first, sixteen in the second. He seems to quite enjoy sleeveless shirts and baggy pants. His hair is long and silvery. Riku is, in my honest opinion, fucking sexy.

Personality/Role: Riku is the best friend of Sora and Kairi. They all live on Destiny Islands. In the first game, Riku opens his heart to the darkness and becomes manipulated by a creepy dude named Ansem. Eventually he is freed, but he stays in the realm of darkness with King Mickey (!) to save the world. How thoughtful of him!
Riku's weapon for most of the series is the Soul Eater, a sword that looks kind of like a bat wing. Later on, we see him with the Way to the Dawn in the second game, which is another Keyblade. Riku is an awesome fighter, and he has a killer Limit.
"But NOBODY could defeat Riku!" ~Donald
by starstarfairy June 10, 2009
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The guy who never gets what he deserves. He doesn't have the power nor the means to get what he wants or protect what he loves. He tranfers to the darkside to get what he desires but gets screwed over anyway by a man named Ansem.
Malicafent: He isn't your friend. He hates your guts.

by Shouko July 31, 2004
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One of the main characters in the surprisingly popular video game Kingdom Hearts. Riku lives on the Destiny Islands with his best friends Sora and Kairi. He and Sora are rivals yet still friends. They both try to win Kairi's heart but fail in the process. Riku was originally the wielder of the Keyblade but was given to Sora because he opened his heart to darkness.
by Laqueefa April 19, 2005
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A Kingdom Hearts character who is considered sex on wheels to many a fangirl. The general consensus is that he will be gay with Sora forever. It's probably true considering he has really girly hair.
Riku is the uke111! no he's the seme cUz he tallers!!1
by what, it's canon October 17, 2006
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Riku is the silver haired 15-year-old guy in Kingdom Hearts (now 16 in the second Kingdom hearts)who was once living a happy life until he joined the Darkside. Now he tries to help Sora along the way even though he is opposite of Sora, yet is still hot and sexy! Kairi, his other friend, should die and go to hell so that Riku can share the paopu fruit with Sora and then they can have a hot, sexy, gay relationship!Also, voiced by David Gallaghar...the kid Simon on 7th Heaven.
"I love Sora. I hate Kairi. There. That explains it all." ~Riku
by Dark_Riku69 January 1, 2006
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Ri⋅ku ~ {Re-Kuu}

1. Riku is the super hot yaoi sex god from the popular game series Kingdom Hearts. He is totally gay for Sora despite what people say. Almost every fan-girl wants to tap that ass (But Riku only wants to tap Sora's ass...)

2. A riku is an egotistical bastard who rapes kittens. (Often referred to as a 'Polysexual')
1.) Fangirls: Holy shit! It's Riku!!

Riku: *removes pants*

Fangirls: *orgasm*

2.) Me: Alicia, why are you crying?

Alicia: A riku broke into my house last night...

Me: -Gasp- Is Fluffy okay?
by iRape May 6, 2009
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