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The most beautiful girl you know. She's very loud and she knows it too. She doesn't care about what people think... most of the time.
Everyone loves a Sonora!
by rawrdinorawr January 17, 2011
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A stunning figure that is looked up to and at by many other people, sometimes a bit of a slut or a bitch but on most occasions a lovable, kind, caring, beautiful person.

Summary: A kind, lovable, beautiful bitch
sonora your such a bitch but i cant help loving you
by E.L.S April 13, 2011
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Hot, horny girl that strikes a pose and flips her hair every time she walks in a room. contains odd o.c.d anticts and can't drink worth shit.
She a cool ass bitch.. but don't get in the car with her.
Tries on everything in her closet before going out on the town.
Lots of brains but no common sense.
Bob.."How did she manage to get an A on the Cal test when she took it high and drunk as shit?"
Peter.. "Don't worry about it, she's a sonora."

by P3/\c3 August 07, 2008
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A lovely foothill town in California, within driving distance of the central valley, historic Columbia, Yosemite, and several ski resorts.
Sonora is a wonderful small place to raise a family
by kkatiek July 17, 2008
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Province of Mexico, located south of Arizona; where horrible drivers come from who don't understand english and therefore can't read traffic/speed limit signs. Often the targets of road rage and border patrol
I'm going 85 in a 75. Tell this sonoran to get off my ass!
by kissmycountryass January 02, 2009
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