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A person who never actually got any, resulting in him/her being a creepy, socially awkward, pervert.

This person also might be unaware of his/her personal hygiene, causing them to be not only creepy, but also stinky.
Dude, my co-worker is such a Smervert.
by misstopaz March 28, 2011

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A small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern California.

A place where people are born, raised, and never leave because they're dreams are the size of bird brains.

A place where the only thing to do for fun, is go to Wal mart and see how long it takes to get kicked out.

A place where the economy has struck so bad, even McDonald's isn't hiring.

A place where everyone sleeps with everyone because there's only so many people.

Oh Sonora, sometimes I really don't miss you.
So how long have you lived in Sonora, Ca?


Well what do you do there? Do you have a job? Are you taking any classes?

Nope. We do nothing all day... all night.
by misstopaz March 28, 2011

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When you and a friend have to share a chair.
"Oh no, we have run out of seating!"
"It's okay, I'll chare with you!"
by misstopaz September 17, 2017

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