the start of the ass
the bottom of the ass
bump that ends the leg and starts the ass
John: Did you see Rachel today?
Mark: Hell yeah! She was wearing those small ass booty shorts!
John: I know, you could see her foothill!
by El Guapo aka the Milkman April 24, 2009
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An affluent suburb of Tucson, Arizona where people move to when they can't afford to live in California.
"I felt like trash living in SoCo because people with real money there live in $2,000,000+ homes so I moved to a $500,000 house in Catalina Foothills so blue-collar Tucsonans think I'm rich."
by EA888 July 4, 2013
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An affluent suburb of Tucson, Arizona. The Catalina Foothills School District has been on the news multiple times for heroin busts and other drug-related issues. Catalina Foothills High School's nickname is "heroin high." Google it. The area is mostly crumbling roads, 70s ranch homes, and newer custom one-stories.
"I work in the city of Tucson and I'm a lawyer so like most of my co-workers, I live in Catalina Foothills."
by EA888 July 3, 2013
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1) a highschool located in the foothills of the catalina mountains in tucson, arizona. the students are mainly of wealthy decent and spoiled out of their mind.

also called "foothills" and sometimes " cat foot"
Yeah, i know she's a spoiled bitch; she goes to catalina foothills.
by tucsonkid October 3, 2005
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Small city in Orange County, CA. Middle of nowhere. Populated with shiny-haired brats and white guys.
Harold: Where do you live?
Oswald: Ugh. Foothill Ranch.
by Bob Deng January 25, 2009
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A rich-kid small town where kids and adults get whatever they want. Girls are Sluts and the guys think they are the shit. The houses are big and their first cars are BMW's and Mercedes. If you live in the good part of Foothill your crazy rich.
Kids in Foothill Ranch get crazy cars BEFORE they can drive.
by Watermelon23 October 20, 2011
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The greatest high school on the planet. Represented by the great, proud, and mighty.

Foothill High is best known for it's dominating Football team, which always beats the rival team, Amador Valley High School every year.

The school's colors are blue and gold. It is located in Pleasanton, CA, and is a top school in the nation.
How great is Foothill High School? Obviously way better than Amador!
by The best shit! July 20, 2011
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