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One of the band's string of hits between 1997 - 2001, Someday being released in June of 1999: more than a 4 minute song. Someday encompassed a vibe, an emotion of the era -- the care-free days of the late 90's. Performed brilliantly by the milquetoast 'pop-era' band, the melody with the lyrics can really let you fade back to a time for those of us had just started out life -- whether it be college, full-time work or an unforgettable 1st serious relationship.

Part of that special group of films, songs, cars and events that helped define my life in this pre and post 'Dub-ya' world. I hope this helps.
How Someday touched my life:

...Grace was tall, slender and frumpy, not that I had a particular type but she was unique, Gracie stood out; not because she was stunning – she wasn’t. She lacked that insidious cunt quality that most women that frequented these nightclubs had. Grace was the kind of girl that oozed a certain lack of self-esteem and high maintenance, yet she parlayed it with a certain sense of identity seldom seen anymore. The kind of girl that spent less time in front of a mirror, idolizing herself and more time cultivating her mind and various other gifts. A girl like Grace properly tended to can easily blossom in to a best in show, a real thinking mans wife. Either that: or a good mind fuck story.

We locked eyes to the tune of Someday by Sugar Ray; the sweet tinge of MDMA under my tongue had just started to kick in. It was love at first sight, I think. Thought – I don’t know. I just know I felt something, and it was something other than these fucking gas pains or this freaking heat rash I can’t seem to get rid of.
by linky91 May 17, 2011

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