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A Noun.
When a woman has nasty and smelly pussy.
Damn, Did you hear about Natalie's Burger King Taco? My dick stinks now.
by ManOfTheMay August 15, 2019

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Noun: The worst song ever created. Gives people cancer. The song was written by 20 year old Steven Wagner and still upsets the hearts of many due to how terrible the recording is.
I just got done listing to Someday by Steven Wagner, that shit was ass.
by ManOfTheMay February 12, 2019

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To severely roast someone or something.
Did you Bill see andle Mr. Douf , he went home crying.
by ManOfTheMay May 26, 2018

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The Yates effect is an interesting quality that humans have been researching since the beginning of time.
The effect occurs when a group of people hates another party, but soon turns their hatred on the party trying to stand up for the hated.
Most of the time the hated party will join the opposing side just to drive the hate away form themselves.
Remember during the D.C. trip were Evan got his ass beat because of the Yates effect?
by ManOfTheMay August 05, 2020

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An adjective
When someone or something says anything you agree with, think is cool, or is just plain awesome and perfect. Normally used as a reply, but can also be used to describe something or someone.
Hey Alexa, we can fit approximately 5 bitches in the Tesla on this fine bet vape afternoon.

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