"My girlfriend left me again. Looks like i'm back to soloing."
by Charlienutsak July 27, 2009
1. (Internet usage, especially in games) To accomplish a task alone, especially winning by defeating multiple opponents. It is sometimes used to glorify the individual that accomplishes the task.

2. (Internet usage) To defeat multiple opponents alone.

Note: The term can also be used to refer to a very small group of individuals accomplishing the task. This is incorrect usage, but is sometimes accepted nonetheless, especially when used in order to emphasize huge numerical disadvantage.
- It's his fault that he tried to solo this level and died. This level is usually entered in teams of at least 10 people.
- This game unit can solo at least six of these weaker units.
- He soloed the entire military force.
by Lumokrabbit June 4, 2010
A single by British electronic band Clean Bandit, featuring vocals by Demi Lovato

The only song about wanking, which became a massive hit
I wanna f— (Woop, woop, woop), but I'm brokenhearted
Cry-cry-cry since the day we parted
Tou-tou-touch, but I got nobody
So I do it solo
by dildo777 March 19, 2022
I'm going bye my self.
or you could say-
I'm going solo.
by Joshua Jones December 31, 2004
1. Itachi Uchiha.

2. The ability to take something into one's own hands and finish the job.
3. A tautology, that is Itachi Uchiha.
4. king that derives from Mikoto.
1. The king is known for his art of 'solo'.
2. Haters gonna hate because their favorite characters have been solo(d).
3. While babysitting two perfect Jinchuuriki, Itachi performed a solo.
4. Kabuto has learned what the word solo means, first-hand.

*enter blinditachi emoticon*
by prodigy uknodarest July 20, 2012
To leave one hanging.

When a person is ""left hanging" like that of the labia majora of USA soccer goalie Hope Solo.
When a person was intentionally left behind
Phil and Sarina soloed Bernie when they left for their morning walk on the beach without him
by Bodhi Alfonso September 7, 2016
The last name of the renowned smuggler Han Solo. No one gives a fuck about the rest of the definitions.
Holy shit! Han Solo just shot three First Order Stormtroopers dead before any of them returned fire!
by gimme the money April 15, 2016