35 definitions by gimme the money

To have discomfort in the buttocks
"anal went wrong last night, it was a pain in the ass"
by gimme the money January 1, 2016
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Star Wars The Old Republic game's variant for Netflix and Chill. Except that strongholds are huge ass facilities that cost a lot of money, and you watch Netflix on the futuristic hologram. Sure to impress any woman.
Rich guy: Who wants to Stronghold and Chill?
Rest of SWTOR chat: me please
by gimme the money March 31, 2016
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"Let's go watch Star Trek: The Next Generation!"

"Useless cretin with bad tastes I am watching Star Wars."
by gimme the money March 28, 2016
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A mix of jam and butter. Has a sweet and salty taste and a nice texture to it, goes great on bread.
"Mom pass me the jutter! I'm packing lunch."
by gimme the money May 12, 2016
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Our son is watching Star Trek instead of Star Wars, let's kill him!
by gimme the money March 28, 2016
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stands for "original content"

generally used for meme pages on facebook
"you are an idiot, you stole this off tumblr, get some oc moron, unliking this page"
by gimme the money April 21, 2016
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The assassin Hillary Clinton has just murdered Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi
by gimme the money April 25, 2017
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