35 definitions by gimme the money

To have discomfort in the buttocks
"anal went wrong last night, it was a pain in the ass"
by gimme the money January 1, 2016
Divine and holy spiritual objects that Montrealers like to eat with their poutine (as does the rest of Canada)
"Man Montreal Smoked Meat goes down so nice with a can of beer eh"
by gimme the money October 17, 2015
Slang for "rig".
You jacked the odds, fucking cheap ass, the possibility of you winning was 3720 to 1!
by gimme the money July 1, 2016
What AMD processors are always doing.
"You have an amd cpu? Holy crap how come your house has burnt down yet?! That shit overheats on idle!"
by gimme the money March 10, 2016
Communists that somehow have all our money.
guy 1: let's go to war with china, first let's replace these made in china guns with made in america guns

guy 2: no can do everything is made in china

guy 1: wtf
by gimme the money May 14, 2017
A mix of jam and butter. Has a sweet and salty taste and a nice texture to it, goes great on bread.
"Mom pass me the jutter! I'm packing lunch."
by gimme the money May 12, 2016
Our son is watching Star Trek instead of Star Wars, let's kill him!
by gimme the money March 28, 2016