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1. A massive pokemon
2. A massive human usaully a hurtful nickname
guy-Conner Klein is a fucking snorlax.
girl-I know he is so massive holy shit!
by Osubuckeye October 16, 2008
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Very lazy. Just eats and sleeps. As its rotund bulk builds, it becomes steadily more slothful.
I captured Snorlax after waking him with ma Pokeflute.
by Eyeballflyball July 07, 2003
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A very obese woman on youtube
A wild Snorlax appears!

Go /b/!
Enemy Snorlax uses Charm!
But it failed!
It's not very effective...
Enemy Snorlax uses Rest!
Enemy Snorlax went to sleep.
It's not very effective...
Enemy Snorlax is asleep.
Critical hit!
It's super effective!
Enemy Snorlax fainted!
by John Kooger June 23, 2009
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A Normal type Pokemon that looks like a sleeping panda that just eats and sleeps. In the Kanto region, its sleeping body will prevent you from going to certain areas and can only be awoken by a Pokeflute that you get from Mr. Fuji after saving him from Team Rocket in the Pokemon Tower at Lavender Town.

If you get one in a Wonder Trade, expect it to be named "YourMom" with a Burn Heal.
Snorlax weighs 1,014 lbs and is around. It can have the ability Thick Fat (Recieves 1/2x damage from Fire and Ice type moves) or Immunity (Cannot be poisoned)
Most people will call others "Snorlax" which means a morbidly obese person.
Trainer 1: I was trying to get to Fuchsia City but a sleeping Pokemon is in the way.
Trainer 2: Oh, you mean that Snorlax? I hope it moves out of the way someday. I want to get my Fog Badge.
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by Pokedex #184 August 20, 2017
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An action or actually no action.

It consists of two words

1) Snore
2) Relax

It is also related to the Pokémon, Snorlax. He sleeps all day and only wakes up to eat - Which is what you do, sleep/relax and eat.
by Shenker January 10, 2011
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A really fat chick, often goes out searching for food or mates. Throw an apple to distract, or a rock to make it angry. Best captured with a Heavy Ball.
"A wild snorlax has appeared!" - used when seeing a snorlax in its daily activities

"Did you see that snorlax?!"
by CourageWolf January 22, 2009
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