A very large sniff. Too much to be a sniff. Not enough time to be considered smelling.
You gotta come snorf this.
by RunawayTra1n August 2, 2018
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To snorf is to have gay sex.
I have just used generic female names for the purpose of this example.

Gabby: oh man dude you look so good i could almost snorf YA (;;;
Jasmine: dang dude thanx. no homo?
Gabby: It's 2018 jasmine. pro homo
Jasmine: bro
Gabby: bro
by falsegoddess October 5, 2018
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When you are drinking a drink (usually beer) and at the same time someone makes you laugh and your beer comes out your nose and you snorf everywhere.
by sirkular November 6, 2009
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1. an exclamatory word used when you think something is too adorable for words.
2. it can also be used when realizing a mistake
by B.Rad September 9, 2008
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A load of jizz on a pile of shit
Pete said , "this work package isn't worth a Snorf ".
by Squirrel Rubber September 9, 2014
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To eat very quickly and messily. Like snort, except involving food.
"She snorfed the last piece of pie."


"I snorf the slarf and then I horf."
by Athene Airheart March 15, 2004
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verb: Snorfed, Snorfing, Snorfs

To shoplift a small item by hiding it up the nose.
"Dude, I bet you I can snorf those marbles."

"She snorfed until her nose bled."

"I got caught snorfing paper clips again."

"If he snorfs that he will never get it out."
by Sean the Snorf Dude August 19, 2006
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