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that game waitresses play when they wait until right after you've taken a large bite of food to ask you how your food is
Dude, I'd just shoved half of that omelette in my face when the waitress came over and asked if she could get me anything else! It took me two minutes before I could answer. I hate it when they use snorfing on you.
by ami413 July 27, 2013
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the act in which one inhales smoke through the nostrils like they're snorting it, they then exhale through the mouth. This action gets you FUCKED UP.
When young billy was snorfing the weed; he got totally FUCKED UP.
by Jelliott McOsco November 09, 2007
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The act of stealing and or rapidly consuming something that is not yours
Poop Steve: Hey! Where is my last snus pouch?

Fagpussytwatpoonfartlarkey: Oh, sorry man. I snorfed it

Poop Steve: You asshole! I thought i told you no snorfing!
by Fart Cam May 15, 2011
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