4'9" umpalumpa on Jersey Shore best known for being punched in the face.
Snookie is so short she often requires a boost to get her heels on.
by Rick Stone December 15, 2009
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n: extra large oompa-loompa that's easier to get on than facebook
Tom: You hear about Megan
Jim: Yeah, she went to the bar and got seven guys
Tom: What a Snooki
by Devine1 March 8, 2010
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v. (trans) 1. to be punched in the face.
"Did you see that guy on 'Jersey Shore'; he totally snookied that bitch?"
by kosure January 4, 2010
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guy/girl says: You fuckin suck!!
Witness says: Damn!!!!!!! that guy/girl just got snookied!!!
by fosho36 December 13, 2009
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Snookie \Snuh key/, noun- A white trash dwarf that has gotten skin cancer through over use of tanning beds, has replaced her nails with actual glass and speaks in broken in English and is a festering cesspool of STDS. Also a Snookie cannot go a day without getting knocked out. You may encounter a wild snookie in dumbfuckistan(new jersey) during the summer time
"The children were frightened as a Snookie approached them asking for beer money"
by 18th century aristocrat January 20, 2010
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To punch an undesirable New Jersey guidette in the face.
While on the Jersey Shore a roid raged tool bag snookied this muffin topped tramp.
by collinbreathstink December 7, 2009
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to exact revenge upon a man by giving him one’s own sexually-transmitted disease
“The only thing I can think of to explain why she wants to have sex with you is to snookie you,” his best friend speculated, “for she’s still mad-as-hell that you dumped her two years ago, and it’s common knowledge that she’s now teeming with STDs.”
by pollyanna downe January 22, 2011
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