Said after you sneeze or after someone else sneezes to simply acknowledge the sneeze. Can also be used similarly to acknowledge general pain.
Person 1: *sneezes*
Person 2: "Snuh"
Person 1: "Snuh"
by The Snuh Guy November 29, 2020
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The pronunciation of the word "snow" used by rural country town bogans who in most cases live on a drought stricken farm in a rundown shack.
Me and me mrs drove 7 hours from dubbo just for the kids to see some snuh.
by gaytickellytracer May 2, 2021
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As an expletive question, synonymous with "wtf?" Used to express that you had absolutely no clue what the person was talking about. From Swedish slang.
by the batman May 1, 2003
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An acronym representing Students for Non-Ignorance and the Understanding of Hilarity--a student organization dedicated to watching The Simpsons
"Did you attend the last SNUH meeting?"
by dave November 19, 2003
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An exclamation, used when common words can't explain the level of emotion of the person saying it.
"I can't... What's your problem, you... Oh God... Snuh!"
by Eyeballkid May 10, 2005
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What i say instead of 'snow'
Hey look, it's snuhing
by El sticko March 12, 2004
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The definitive end of a point of an argument.
"I don't agree with you at all. Oh well. Snuh."
by Eyeballkid May 10, 2005
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