The act of thrusting your pelvis forward slowly whilst standing upright. Can be easily confused with a pelvic thrust, but is usually done without the Snickerdoodler's knowledge of the action.
Another dissimilarity is that when a person does a "Pelvic Thrust", they plant their feet, and drive their crotch in a violent motion. Snickerdoodling is more of a relaxing rocking motion, in which a person will switch from standing on their heels to rock forward onto their toes whilst committing the act.
This action, Snickerdoodling, is almost always triggered by a tasty food that the person consumes. Scientists speculate that this is because most tasty foods are bad for you, and the rocking motion of the slow pelvic thrust somehow eases the digestion of the said food. The most common food to trigger Snickerdoodling is the source of the act's name, the Snickerdoodle.
The word originated in a High School in Northern California in 2005, witnesses to it's creation claiming that it was a small group of Sophomores that were enjoying hot Snickerdoodles that one of them had prepared in a cooking class.
The act of Snickerdoodling is in no way vulgar and is considered a high praise to whom ever prepared the food that induces it.
Person 1: "And I was all like, Yeah and he was all...What the fuck are you doing?"
Person 2: "...I guess I'm Snickerdoodling, didn't really notice."
Person 1: "Stop that."
Person 2: "I can't, this cookie is too damn good!"
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the act of being fly while at the same time acting like an idiot and causing mischief and mayhem.
"Man, Brandon and Kevin were straight snickerdoodling all saturday!"
by kingoftonga March 03, 2008
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