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One of the craziest people known to man kind. He pretends to be a spider pig and will tamper around. His favorite color is blue just like his beautiful eyes. He is usually known as one of the best soccer players around and an all around athlete. He can make anyone laugh, but he also can make the ones he love cry. Vedran is a great boyfriend when he wants to be but he does not think before he does things. Most importantly a Vedrans favorite hair cut is the mohawk.
Dang you must be tough to be dating a Vedran.
by smeli June 03, 2011
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An extremely attractive, handsome male. As hot as hell. Smart, sexy and bad ass. Usually a bit crazy which is charming. Enjoys being the one.
Oh my God. It`s vedran. I want him on me. I want his babies
by tretman December 02, 2009
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A very tall person that is superior to all other humanoid species. They are attracted to other giants, as well as s'mores, and fires. Has a thick European accent even though raised in North America. They are born with the hatred of midgets in their blood, so if you see a bunch of midgets running around, odds are that there is also a Vedran there attempting to destroy/enslave them. All and all an extremely well mannered gentlemen otherwise..... loves to dance....
Srdan: Vedran what the fuck are you doing to that midget?!?
Vedran: I don’t know... i like a tha kick to midget!
by Double triple July 05, 2018
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