Xtina is the greatest in the world. Shes the coolest girl around. Everyone wants 1 cuz there the bestest. Love you Babe,
"Hey Cousin, Kiss me"
"You Mean so much to me"
by Rufio August 16, 2004
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xmas is to christmas, as christina is to xtina

xtina is the DIRRTiESt Girl in PoP & shes HOTT
yes, my name is christina but i like to be called 'Xtina' when i'm feeling dirrty
by Zoe April 16, 2004
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a poorly thought out nickname for christina aguilera.. christmas is xmas so she thought xtina is christina
it SHOULD be xina since its nos xtmas..
by not-you January 2, 2005
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A girl who went from little pop princess to a slutty yet hot whore.

syn. Slutty Christina
Whoa that chick is an xtina! She used to be so shy...
by Mary Sue Jackson June 27, 2003
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She is the coolest girl in the world. Shes so awsome. She smells like a pretty flower. She is just all around an awsome person
by Xtina August 16, 2004
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xtina is famous on lj. I think it is because she is the keeper of xtina's boobs.

xtina pls pmp ur boobs
by roffroffrofflez June 29, 2004
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