Snaking is when...

A female (or male) performs fellatio on a group of men consecutively, then immediately repeats the process in reverse order. Whomever goes last in the first round goes first in the second round, and so on. The name is derived from fantasy sports, where a 'snake-style draft' is conducted in the same fashion.
Person One: She gonna snake?
Person Two: Yeah let's put Mike last because he's a rapid reloader
Person Three: Snaking is when...
by Grillko April 15, 2013
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When a man wants to get with a woman or vice versa and tries to flirt etc with the woman to get her to fancy him.
1: You are such a snake.

1: Are you snaking on that girl?
2: Yeah Im a snake
by HHHHjjjj October 12, 2009
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Snaking is when...

A male or female talks shit behind ones back for the purpose of upping themselves for their own personal gain
Kassia: Jay told me that you like me

Andrew: omg he is such a fucking snaking bastard. I will murder his parents and send his ass back to Pakistan. I’m finna throw his ass across the room like fr fr... anyways can you send me a picture of ur toes ppls thx xoxoxo ;0
by Cuckcity123 love me pls lol xD December 28, 2017
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When you are dealing with a client and have clearly grafted your arse off, then someone comes in and steals it and gets the sale.
You snaking people's deals again?!
by Ninja Meanings July 2, 2015
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The act of placing a snake in one's rectum for the purpose of sexual gratification.
"when we got back from the club last night, I totally caught Jeff snaking on the couch"
by G.I. Cobra February 24, 2009
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The act of stealing a kill from a team mate in online first person shooter action.
YO! quit Snaking my Kills you noob fucker!!!
by Passive Menis August 1, 2009
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