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Act of covering up information or attempting to hide intentions by conversation or an action.

The act of Smoke-Screening is mostly done to lead error of conduct, thought, or judgment. Performed by conversation or statement to mislead the victim away for the actual indecent or plans.
e.g 1.Did u call that chick from last night?
yeah she gave me the wrong number..
HAHA you got Smoke-Screened br0!

e.g 2. Hey been looking 4 u do u have that cash u owe me!?

yeah i just gotta go 2 the bank..
U best not be tryin to Screen me!
by w3st0nb0i August 14, 2009
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a girl used gay guy suspected of being gay by others (school rumors, myspace rumors etc.) used to make people think he isn't actually gay. Usually used in public places like the mall, out to eat etc.
Mike: Dude thats Ryan with that hott ass chick, i thought he was gay?
Steve: Nah thats just his smokescreen
by 777LLL January 21, 2009
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Underpants. Silk filters flatus 80% than cotton, except in the event of broccoli consumption.
Jasmine thought the thong would erase her unsightly panty lines, but she forgot that she also was foregoing the smoke screen her panties afforded her. The tacos she had for lunch produced shrapnel that the thong was unprepared to deal with.
by Pantaloon February 05, 2008
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n. a state in which one turns the shower on while taking a shit.
I was taking a monster shit in the bathroom when I heard my roommate enter the house with some female friends, I immediately had to implement the smoke-screen.
by skulls1850 March 14, 2009
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The act in which one human while walking releases gas from the anus in an attempt build an invisible wall of airborne poo particles.
While in line at an amusement park Ryan breaks wind and his buddy walks right in to his "smoke screen" and almost pukes because it smells so bad.
by Timothy McMurray November 23, 2006
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Whereby you fart in a high traffic area and other people walk through your ass cloud.
GUY 1: Sure is cloudy out...
GUY 2: I know. I hope it doesn't rain...
(Person walks by with disgusted look on their face)
GUY 1: Did you just...
GUY 2: Yup. Total smoke screen.
by BUCKWYLD June 11, 2009
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the act of farting while people are walking behind you
therefore causing them to walk into the smell
i just smokescreened all the people coming up the stirs behind me with a sulfur fart
by ftbllvr73 May 27, 2009
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