Whereby you fart in a high traffic area and other people walk through your ass cloud.
GUY 1: Sure is cloudy out...
GUY 2: I know. I hope it doesn't rain...
(Person walks by with disgusted look on their face)
GUY 1: Did you just...
GUY 2: Yup. Total smoke screen.
by BUCKWYLD June 11, 2009
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the act of farting while people are walking behind you
therefore causing them to walk into the smell
i just smokescreened all the people coming up the stirs behind me with a sulfur fart
by ftbllvr73 May 27, 2009
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As you are receiving a blowjob from your partner/girl you just met, you must be smoking a cigar, and just as you are about to climax,blow smoke into her eyes so she is blinded!! and then ejaculate into her face, making her blind for a second time !!
"she was being really annoying, so I smoke screened her"
by TheMightyBeef August 31, 2012
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to try to justify criminal actions if the defendant had a rough childhood
Everyone in the Casey Anthony murder trial forgot to use the sexual abuse smokescreen that her defense brought up, and that's why she was acquitted of murder.
by chad'srockergrrrll September 05, 2011
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n. also known as a cop cleaner, "smoke screen" is the term used to describe a speeding vehicle that one follows at a distance and uses as a shield against pesky law enforcement. (May also be used as a verb)
"Ah a fresh smoke screen. Thank goodness, I was running behind."
"Man, I totally smoke screened those cops back there."
by chagrin94 September 19, 2005
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A crafty method used by a manipulative person in power (usually a corrupt politician) in order to pacify and beguile potential opponents and resistors into error and prevent them from thinking about and figuring out what’s really going on in the world around them.

See also: sleep learning
Sports and other Entertainments are Smokescreens in the Western world.
by MysticNeon November 27, 2020
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