A word that subjectively works for anything.

You could be sarcastic, and be lyk, cool story,br0.

or you could be lyk, josef can't fail, br0.

It all works within the system of the internett0rz.
Josef can't ever fail at pwnin', br0.

(obvious fail trolling)

reply: cool story, br0.

(some ugly girl)
you look cute, br0.
by «—\/\/hi†ë¬Lië. February 17, 2010
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1.A br0 and or Friend
"Hey br0 wanna get lunch?"

"that was pretty br0, i have to say"
by ezbowers October 17, 2008
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A Kick Ass Chick Thats Down With All The Boys.
Knows How To Have A Good Time.
&& DGAF'S About What Other People Think Abut Her.
Loves To Smoke Weed && Drink!
Into The Lifted Trucks.
Bro Hoes Just Like To Live Life To The Fullest!

"DUUDE, Did You Seee That Hott Ass BR0 H0E Walk By?"
"Yeah Bro She Was Boooombbbb!"
by TWiiTCH April 3, 2008
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