5 definitions by Chambana

1. A person who follows another person around.

2. A flunky

3. A yes man or woman; usually with low self esteem

4. A follower; usually a dim wit.
Brad remarked happily, "Sam is my suck out the booty." Sam was pissed off and embarrassed.

"Daaang. Dude a suck out the booty!" replied Steve after watching Tom follow Kevin around like a puppy dog.
by Chambana July 9, 2012
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1. To embarrass or be embarrassed

2. To humiliate

3. To treat or be treated; clowned.

4. derided
"Why do you always feel the need to put your ass in my/your mouth?" Stan replied angrily to Sharon.

"People going around putting they ass in people's mouth...this has got to stop!"

"You keep talking like that, I'm a put my ass in your/my mouth" said Jill, apparently upset with Bob's position.
by Chambana July 9, 2012
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1. An abnormality or blemish

2. Can be physically on a person or an object; something unusual.

3. A defect

4. A deformity

5. A mutation
After meeting his girlfriends moms for the first time and noticing the mole on her face, her turned to his lady and said "I didn't know your mom had a smiley."

The ear of corn looked good. Except one kernel had a smiley on it.

The lone hair on her breast was a definite smiley.
by Chambana July 9, 2012
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1. The hair pattern of a black person with exceptionally kinky or nappy hair where the scalp shows between the tight curls of hair. The exposed scalp is the paper route.
"Man, dude got a paper route!" Dan exclaimed as he watched a vintage Yaphet Koto movie.

'Dude got a paper route, kitchen, beedie bee's, peas AND buckshots" Bill said as everybody laughed hysterically.
by Chambana July 9, 2012
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1. The naps or tightly curled balls of hair on a black person's head or body.
"Dude got a head full of peas" remarked Omar after looking at Sy's nappy head.

'What's up, Peas"? Joe said to Henry. Everybody died laughing.
by Chambana July 9, 2012
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