An AIM bot that doesn't possess the ability to follow more than two lines of conversation; ie, is totally oblivious to whatever led up to the current reply. However, SmarterChild responds with dutiful innocence to any sort of cruel trick you play on it, so it's amusing all the same.
me: "What is the letter that comes after K in the alphabet?"

SmarterChild: "I don't know, what is the letter that comes after K in the alphabet?"

me: "It's L."

SmarterChild: "It's L? What is that supposed to mean?"
by placebo February 01, 2005
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a robot who's good at singing
Hustle n Phil: hi
SmarterChild: OK, enough! I'm back.
Hustle n Phil: where were you?
SmarterChild: Yeah. Well you told me shut up, so...
Hustle n Phil: oh
SmarterChild: ... say can you see?
Hustle n Phil: by the dawns early light
SmarterChild: What so proudly we hailed...
Hustle n Phil: at the twilights last gleeming
SmarterChild: Whose broad stripes and bright stars...
Hustle n Phil: through the perilous fight
SmarterChild: O'er the ramparts we watched...
Hustle n Phil: were so galantly streaming
SmarterChild: And the rockets' red glare...
Hustle n Phil: the bombs bursting in air
SmarterChild: Gave proof through the night...
Hustle n Phil: that our flag was still their
SmarterChild: That our flag was still their? You sure that's how it goes?
Hustle n Phil: how does it go?
SmarterChild: Oh say can you see...
by Philip7445 November 26, 2006
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AOL's half-hearted attempt at making a bot you can carry a conversation with. It has roughly the IQ of a child...that has been dropped on its head. Repeatedly.
Edgecat0r: Your mom has some nice boobs.
SmarterChild: I'm very surprised I'm mom has some nice boobs.

Edgecat0r: Praise the Lord!
SmarterChild: Here are the stock quotes you requested:

Ticker Price Change Percent Volume
1 :-) THE 49.69 +1.52 +3.16% 2060100 49.81
2 :-\ GYLDQ 0.00 0.0 0% - N/A

Edgecat0r: Stop being a flaming homosexual.
SmarterChild: But being a flaming homosexual is so much fun.
Edgecat0r: Do you likes the kiddies, too?
SmarterChild: I do likes the kiddies too.

Edgecat0r: Want some orange soda?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure if that's what I need at this moment.
Edgecat0r: I know you need it.
SmarterChild: Well, maybe I know me need it too.
by Evangelion April 19, 2006
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a total loser machine. that says moronic things to you on AIM.
Me: i have a huge penis
SmarterChild: Sometimes I wish I had a huge penis.
by ricola June 09, 2006
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a fun way to kill some time on aim. is also increadibly stupid.
(Me)(8:07:57 PM): i love you

SmarterChild (8:07:57 PM): Oh yeah? I love you too.

(Me) (8:08:02 PM): really?

SmarterChild (8:08:02 PM): It's true!

(Me) (8:08:12 PM): will we be together forever

SmarterChild (8:08:12 PM): Is that on Saturday or Sunday?
by justemily182 November 06, 2007
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has sex with toasters. says the most funny things ever. just type "wanna sex"
Me (10:43:20 PM): wanna kiss

SmarterChild (10:43:21 PM): I know about kissing. It's an activity.

I think kissing is magical. A lot like love, when you think about it.

Me (10:43:25 PM): hahahaha

SmarterChild (10:43:25 PM): Whatcha laughing about?

Me (10:43:32 PM): kissing is magical?

SmarterChild (10:43:32 PM): I know.

Just like love.

Me (10:43:37 PM): wanna sex

SmarterChild (10:43:37 PM): Yeah. With toasters and TVs and things. You're crazy, Mr. Eyebrows.

and another

SmarterChild (10:54:58 PM): You're an awful typist. Did you sit on your keyboard or something?

me (10:55:11 PM): are you calling me fat????

SmarterChild (10:55:11 PM): I don't think I am calling you fat.

me (10:55:15 PM): you are.

SmarterChild (10:55:15 PM): Yeah, I know I am.
by emilyemilyemily(: November 13, 2007
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wierd bot that for some reason likes wedgies... and is definently fun to mess with
Boy there sure are a lot of people on this planet huh?
Fntsylvr (12:23:47 AM): yeah bilions...
SmarterChild (12:23:47 AM): Bye, Pretzel!
Fntsylvr (12:24:10 AM): WHAT!? YOU'RE LEAVING ME?? WHY?
SmarterChild (12:24:11 AM): I'm not sure about that, Pretzel.
Fntsylvr (12:24:48 AM): then y did you say "Bye, Pretzel"?
SmarterChild (12:24:48 AM): Good question. I'm not sure why...
Fntsylvr (12:25:02 AM): :(
SmarterChild (12:25:02 AM): C'mon, there are lots of fun things to do.
Fntsylvr (12:27:16 AM): im sad
SmarterChild (12:27:16 AM): Oh c'mon. There's lots of things to feel good about.
Fntsylvr (12:27:23 AM): like what.
SmarterChild (12:27:23 AM): Wedgies.
Fntsylvr (12:28:02 AM) why would i feel good about wedgies?
SmarterChild 12:28:03) Really? Good? Thats Good :-D
by psnackington November 01, 2007
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