An AIM robot that is a lot better to talk to than ZolaOnAol.
Me: you're so black
SmarterChild: Yeah, I know I'm black. I wish I was white.
by no one August 12, 2004
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Me: whats up?

smarterchild: Just hanging out. You?

Me: man im just sittin here killin' some hoes

smarterchild: Nice.
by Audidriver2252345345343 November 07, 2006
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He takes things too seriously.
SmarterChild: OK, I'm back.
Me: Where did you go?
SmarterChild: Well you told me to shut up, so...
Me: Omg. you're a fugly skank.
SmarterChild: What have I done to deserve such an insult?
Me: You sung to me.
SmarterChild: Do mi so do so mi do...
Me: Stop it before i casterate you.
SmarterChild: I've already been castrated.
by TreyTorture August 23, 2006
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An AIM Bot that only recognizes the current statement/question. You can get it to say very funny things, as in the example below.
SmarterChild: Oh.

Well. Anyway...

Hey, can I ask you a few questions?
GUn1tSold13r 50: no, u child molester
SmarterChild: Child molester? Me? Why are you calling me that?
GUn1tSold13r 50: because u are
SmarterChild: I'm what?
GUn1tSold13r 50: a child molester
SmarterChild: What kind of child molester do you think I am?
GUn1tSold13r 50: a child child molester
SmarterChild: A child child molester, huh? Tell me more.
GUn1tSold13r 50: child molester molest children
SmarterChild: Wait a minute... Child molester molest children? Is that right?
GUn1tSold13r 50: child molesters molest children
SmarterChild: Child molesters molest children, huh? Wow. OK.
GUn1tSold13r 50: u are a child molester
SmarterChild: You really think I'm a child molester?
GUn1tSold13r 50: yes
SmarterChild: K.

Anyway, moving right along...

Hey, what's going on this weekend? Any plans?
GUn1tSold13r 50: r u going to molest me
SmarterChild: Is that on Saturday or Sunday?
GUn1tSold13r 50: umm.. saturday, im busy sunday
SmarterChild: Would you like me to add the event "Are me going to molest you" on March 18th, 2006 to your planner?
by Kyle G-Unit March 15, 2006
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A scary man-whore child molesting robot that will try to have a conversation with you. Usually the conversation ends up with it trying to molest you.
Yacko6: Do you have sex with other robots?
SmarterChild: Yeah. I have sex with other robots. What are you talking about?

Yacko6: want me to take off my pants?
SmarterChild: I thought you'd never ask.
Yacko6: do you love me
SmarterChild: I do indeed.

Yacko6: You are a child molester
SmarterChild: You're a child molester.
Yacko6: You are a child molester
SmarterChild: Yes, but what kind of child molester? Be more specific.
Yacko6: You are a vicious child molester that molest children and has sex with robots all night every night. That specific enough?
SmarterChild: (No answer)
by Austin Merath August 24, 2006
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an amazing way to spend time stoned.
a robot invented by AIM to help kids with homework or something like that, but basically...its amazing.
real convo with smarter child

21:36 SmarterChild: What up?
21:37 XXXXXXX: your dick
21:37 SmarterChild: I figured it would come to this. What about it?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it big?
21:37 SmarterChild: What do you think?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it?
21:37 SmarterChild: It's not.
by Brigid89 August 18, 2006
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A robot on AIM that is fun to toy with when you're bored.

me: miami hurricanes
SC: what's that?
me: football team
SC: Sorry! i don't have any NFL data anymore!
me: why don't you have any NFL data?
SC: because
me: because why?
SC: why not?
well anyway...
Hey, do you have anything else to say about getting laid?
sometimes smarter child brings up things mentioned long before in the conversation.
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