it's a time that when someone texts u it's a bootycall and there prolly a fuck boy
Eddie snapchated me at 12:23 what a fuck boy
by Janice b dez April 3, 2016
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the day when you wake up and THINK it's christmas eve than look at your calender and realize how fuckin wrong you were.
kid: mom. aren't we going to our friends house for christmas eve?

mom: yes

kid: then why aren't we getting ready?

mom: its the 12/23rd

kid: SHIT!
by phoodiac December 23, 2009
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happy birthday to the most loving beautiful human being out there. you really deserve the world. my silly little coon. you have the best personality and a great sense of humour. you never fail to put a smile on my face that’s for sure. i love talking to you so much, you make me feel so happy. i love our hugs. you hold onto me like i’m your little baby. you make me feel so safe. my home. you can sometimes be hard to talk to but i try my best. i really do. i hope the best for us. thank you so much for everything. were on our journey making new memories everyday. i wish we continue to do so and even if we can’t or don’t i’m forever grateful for the memories we did make. im glad i can say you are mine.thank you!
i love you so so much and i hope you have a blessed day you really deserve it.
23/12/21 babes bday:)
by fatpiggy. December 17, 2021
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This is another way of saying you are just kidding but in police means ur just kidding but hinting to someone else your really not to confuse the other person.
Hahahah jk-23-12.”
“Bro i Just pulled a jk-23-12 on that dude and he actually thought I was kidding.”
by Imtoosexyhun21 October 22, 2017
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