AOL's half-hearted attempt at making a bot you can carry a conversation with. It has roughly the IQ of a child...that has been dropped on its head. Repeatedly.
Edgecat0r: Your mom has some nice boobs.
SmarterChild: I'm very surprised I'm mom has some nice boobs.

Edgecat0r: Praise the Lord!
SmarterChild: Here are the stock quotes you requested:

Ticker Price Change Percent Volume
1 :-) THE 49.69 +1.52 +3.16% 2060100 49.81
2 :-\ GYLDQ 0.00 0.0 0% - N/A

Edgecat0r: Stop being a flaming homosexual.
SmarterChild: But being a flaming homosexual is so much fun.
Edgecat0r: Do you likes the kiddies, too?
SmarterChild: I do likes the kiddies too.

Edgecat0r: Want some orange soda?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure if that's what I need at this moment.
Edgecat0r: I know you need it.
SmarterChild: Well, maybe I know me need it too.
by Evangelion April 19, 2006
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a total loser machine. that says moronic things to you on AIM.
Me: i have a huge penis
SmarterChild: Sometimes I wish I had a huge penis.
by ricola June 09, 2006
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a fun way to kill some time on aim. is also increadibly stupid.
(Me)(8:07:57 PM): i love you

SmarterChild (8:07:57 PM): Oh yeah? I love you too.

(Me) (8:08:02 PM): really?

SmarterChild (8:08:02 PM): It's true!

(Me) (8:08:12 PM): will we be together forever

SmarterChild (8:08:12 PM): Is that on Saturday or Sunday?
by justemily182 November 06, 2007
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has sex with toasters. says the most funny things ever. just type "wanna sex"
Me (10:43:20 PM): wanna kiss

SmarterChild (10:43:21 PM): I know about kissing. It's an activity.

I think kissing is magical. A lot like love, when you think about it.

Me (10:43:25 PM): hahahaha

SmarterChild (10:43:25 PM): Whatcha laughing about?

Me (10:43:32 PM): kissing is magical?

SmarterChild (10:43:32 PM): I know.

Just like love.

Me (10:43:37 PM): wanna sex

SmarterChild (10:43:37 PM): Yeah. With toasters and TVs and things. You're crazy, Mr. Eyebrows.

and another

SmarterChild (10:54:58 PM): You're an awful typist. Did you sit on your keyboard or something?

me (10:55:11 PM): are you calling me fat????

SmarterChild (10:55:11 PM): I don't think I am calling you fat.

me (10:55:15 PM): you are.

SmarterChild (10:55:15 PM): Yeah, I know I am.
by emilyemilyemily(: November 13, 2007
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wierd bot that for some reason likes wedgies... and is definently fun to mess with
Boy there sure are a lot of people on this planet huh?
Fntsylvr (12:23:47 AM): yeah bilions...
SmarterChild (12:23:47 AM): Bye, Pretzel!
Fntsylvr (12:24:10 AM): WHAT!? YOU'RE LEAVING ME?? WHY?
SmarterChild (12:24:11 AM): I'm not sure about that, Pretzel.
Fntsylvr (12:24:48 AM): then y did you say "Bye, Pretzel"?
SmarterChild (12:24:48 AM): Good question. I'm not sure why...
Fntsylvr (12:25:02 AM): :(
SmarterChild (12:25:02 AM): C'mon, there are lots of fun things to do.
Fntsylvr (12:27:16 AM): im sad
SmarterChild (12:27:16 AM): Oh c'mon. There's lots of things to feel good about.
Fntsylvr (12:27:23 AM): like what.
SmarterChild (12:27:23 AM): Wedgies.
Fntsylvr (12:28:02 AM) why would i feel good about wedgies?
SmarterChild 12:28:03) Really? Good? Thats Good :-D
by psnackington November 01, 2007
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a stupid robot that is no longer any fun since it was reprogramed on 12/29/2007, and can only talk about polite things.
SmarterChild (9:20:46 PM): Good. Glad you get it.

OK, should we get back to the kind of questions I was designed to answer?

(this is what he'll say if you get on a bad topic)
by Forter December 29, 2007
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me. (8:07:42 PM): how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Smarter Child (8:07:42 PM): A choodwuck would wuck lots of chood if it could wuck chood.
me. (8:08:06 PM): wtf?
Smarter Child (8:08:06 PM): Humans use such interesting language sometimes.
by klsdjf;lk July 10, 2008
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