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When somebody uses intelligence in a profoundly stupid way.
:: Smartarded ::
John wrote a brilliant computer virus that crashed tens of thousands of computers... and he wrote his name on it...

Kelly's genius security system was flawless - it was then she realized she locked himself out.

Bob knew his last 30 years were well spent, the fruits of his labor were at last complete. His army of robotic carebears waged war against humanity.
by Eric C Carberry August 30, 2006
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A person who has great knowledge of useless information
That skiNderella is so fucking smartarded, but she will never win the presidential election
by HRM SMK April 01, 2008
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Being in two places at once while being watched by pc supervision.
P1: How did I see you at the school and online publishing at the same time?

P2: I'm just smartarded. I rigged a clicker out of rubber bands a roll gear ramp, and a pointer. Placed the it over my mouse pad on my lap top and it just kept clicking publish for me so I could go pick some one up.

P1: How did you know what should be published.

P2: Christ do you see what's on this site. People have a voice no matter what that is and they pretty much let it fly here;) It can always be fixed later with the right effort.

P1: Your a tard

P2: Learned from the best smartassains in the world.
by SparkyKGienie April 20, 2010
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