Big City: 300,000+ people within city limits
City: 100,000-300,000 citizens within limits
Small City: 20,000-100,000 citizens within limits
Big Town: 7,000-20,000 citizens within limits
Town: 800-7,000 citizens within limits
Small Town: 200-800 citizens within limits
Village: 50-200 citizens within limits
Hamlet: Community with less than 50 members.

A small town generally is community possessing a post office and not much else.. Maybe a gas station or two. If you live within 10 minutes of a Wal-Mart, chances are you don't live in a small town. Also it should not be said that there is nothing to do if there is a Wal-Mart around, because there is a high probability that there is a theater or fast food restaurant around too.
"Man, city people get bored too easily, if they have one uneventful night, they automatically say 'I hate living in this small town' when actually they should be saying 'This isn't so bad, imagine living in a real small town.'"
by SleepFaster February 17, 2012
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A town that sucks in a state that blows. Consist's of old people, rap kids, prep kids and punk/goth/emo kids. Old people suck, the rap kids are either fat losers or hang with the prep kids, goth/emo/punk kids all like green day and Good Charlotte and have no taste for rock music what so ever. Then there is a group of dirty, lazy, stoner kids that smoke weed and listen to REAL rock music (ex: Grunge, Punk, Indie, Metal) and aren't really sure if they are punks or hippies. By the way there is 80 kids per grade and about 3500 people in the town. IT SUCKS THERE!!! (Example of real bands: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy's, White Stripes, Vaselines, Black Sabbath, Lead Zepplin) I'm sure some of you relate to me.
Pawhuska, OK.

Some stupid rap kid jumped me becuase I told him to go to hell for calling me gay, all the prep kids hate me, and I don't get along with the Greenday kids. But, me and my friends sure had some good times!!! (all 3 of them)

I hate my small town.
by Rusty Shakelfurd August 19, 2006
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It amazes me of all the silly descriptions of a small town by ignorant people on here. No, I dont live in one, but I did for a while. They are not all the same. Yes, some are poor, but some are also very affluent (Lake Zurich, Illinois for example).

A small town is the anithesis of a big city, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A small town is a community where people are a generally friendly, laid back folk, and where everybody knows almost everybody there. If you stop and ask for directions, the person giving you the directions will probably turn it into a conversation. The community is probably a speed trap, but the police who give you a speeding ticket are often known and called by their first name. You are usually not afraid to unlock your doors (although I wouldn't do it). Most businesses in town are family-owned ma-and-pa stores threatened by the Walmart nearby, which is probably the community's largest employer. The Mayor probably has another job on the side. You also know your'e in a small town because the people raise a stink over a new business coming in, fearing that it will create "traffic congestion." Some small towns can be suburbs or exurbs of a large meropolitan area.
A small town is the total antithesis of a big city, and is not necessarily a bad thing.
by May 14, 2008
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A little community of hopeless squalor mythologized Norman Rockwell-style as "friendly!" (translation: nosey) and "a great place to raise kids!" (translation: drive by shootings are written up as accidental discharges of a firearm in the local paper). Pits of desperate poverty, despair, racism, dysfunction, ignorance, sleaze and drunken failure.
I saw a "re-nig' sticker on truck at the Oak Bar in Seguin...typical small town.

I'm from a small town - I knew girls in high school who were "pregnant" for three years.

Many small town people possess a flattened DNA helix.
by Anna Mae Bollocks October 29, 2012
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Seguin Texas. Seguin is a small town that is overlooked by near large towns like San Antonio or Houston. The term 'Small Town' is a name that was given to Seguin within recent years due to how Seguin's growth is laughable compared to San Antonio's growth rate, and how many Segiun citizens have a thirst to be someone in life but it is fairly difficult at Seguin.

Actually if you look deep enough you'll find that the sole reason of why we call Seguin "Small Town" is because of San Antonio. The way San Antonio is growing is outstanding and while Seguin's growth rate is decent it is nothing compared to San Antonio's. Which makes Seguin live in San Antonio's shadow.
While Small Town gets a new restaurant San Antonio gets another mini mall.

If the Seguin High school matadors win district at football, the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA playoffs.
by Mr. Selfdestruct March 30, 2008
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When someone has lived for so long in a small town that they form a sense of entitlement to themselves and act as if there isn't a relevant world outside of their town.

Someone with small-town syndrome usually is majorly concerned with gossip and events only happening with people in their town and let their life revolve around such meaningless rumors. They act as if life is high school. Parents/Adults and children all engage in cliquey behavior.

People with small-town syndrome usually don't realise they act this way, and may be insulted if pointed out.

People with small-town syndrome may have lots of trouble adjusting to life in the real world (wherever they move to out of the comfort of their family/friends also from same town)
Jeff and Jenny are all about meeting at the local café, (the only one in our town, so it is THE place to hang out and gossip), but the problem with the café is that no one seems to be able to talk about any current events in the world, they all seem to have small-town syndrome.
by vampire weekdays March 31, 2015
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Small town syndrome is when people's thoughts are limited by a mental box, the less knowledge of the outside world, the smaller the box. This often happens when people do not venture past their back door.
"how can he talk about that culture in that way, he has never even spent time with those people"

"He is suffering from small town syndrome, he does not know what is out there"
by sunflower1800 November 6, 2014
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