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The outer rim of the upper part of the ear, which curls. When pierced, the piercing is often referred to as a "cartilage piercing", although the term is no longer specific enough since different ear piercings are gaining popularity which are located in abnormal parts of the ear (all of which are through cartilage... except in the lobe).
"I got my cartilage pierced yesterday."
"which piercing did you get?"
"... my cartilage?"
"Oh, you mean your helix."
by Liz! March 01, 2006
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A band formed in Kitchener, Ontario in 1974. Known for songs like "Deep cuts the knife", "Rock you, "Young and restless" and many more. Check em out some time, they kick ass.
Dude, I just went to the Helix show last night
Did they play rock you and everyone shouted R O C K and ROCK YOU?
Yeah, great times
by Homicidal toddler May 13, 2018
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